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The Sun
Still Rises

Times are tough right now. Collectively, across the world, we have faced uncertainty in a way we never have before. And despite that, the sun still rises. When days are gray and the sun is nowhere to be seen, when it’s a blizzard, a massive bank of fog, or a torrential downpour, the sun still rises. This is both literally, and figuratively, on the days when you feel blue, when you feel nothing is going your way, when all hope is lost, the sun still rises.

We’re2 here to remind you of this, through thick and thin, no matter how cloudy, the sun will rise tomororw. And that is something we can all experience, collectively.

No matter the weather, no matter how deep the blues, the sun will rise tomorrow. In fact, there have been 1,658,197,283,075 consecutive sunrises, give or take.

The Sun Still Rises

Grab a sticker! Let it be a reminder that no matter how gray the day, or how blue your spirits, the sun still rises.

The Sun Still Rises Sticker

Designed by Jacob Rosenburg

The Sun Still Rises Sticker

Designed by Angela Southern