Watch More Sunrises

I challenge you to watch1 more sunrises in 2024 than you did in 2023.

Yes, I'll take the Sunrise Pledge

The Unabridged Edition

In 2019, I photographed every sunrise. Yes, every sunrise. Not only when the sun was visible, but through blizzards, fog, -30º windchills, freezing rain, and downpours. Because even when the sun isn’t visible, the sun still rises.

As Year of the Sunrise continues, one significant takeaway is encouraging others to watch more sunrises this year than they did the previous year. But I couldn’t ask that of others if I didn’t live up to it myself. It was serendipitous that Year of the Sunrise would be followed by a leap year, giving me the only possible opportunity to watch more sunrises than the previous year. So in 2020 I continued to document another 366 sunrises, and I still haven’t stopped. To date I have documented over 1,700 sunrises.

Now, I present you with a challenge, to watch more sunrises in 2024 than they did in 2023.

By doing so, I’m confident you’ll find more joy, balance, and beauty in your day.

Your friend,
Bugsy Sailor

Sunrise Swag

Grab a sticker! Let it be a reminder that no matter how gray the day, or how blue your spirits, the sun still rises.